Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Intro to UltraESB

Why UltraESB

The UltraESB is very easy to use and light weight! Only 35MB to download including ready to run samples


Operating System

The UltraESB works best on a Linux operating system including best performance, and ease of configuration and tuning of the OS but it also work perfectly on windows system(Because UltraESB is a pure Java program)

Java Development Kit

The UltraESB is currently certified against a JDK 1.6.x Installing Java on Ubuntu

You just have to follow simple steps to complete the installation

Step 1 - Download UltraESB

you can download latest UltraESB runtime version as a zip file from the following link to AdroitLogic website Download now

Step 2 – Unzip the

Here I extract the zip file to “ /home/imalka/java “ directory

imalka@imalka:~$ cd /home/imalka/java/

imalka@imalka:~/java$ unzip /home/imalka/Downloads/

The directory structure inside “ home/imalka/java/ultraesb-1.4.x”

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